Creating Powerful Growth Through IT

Bhopi Dhall and Saurajit Kanungo transform what is possible for businesses

The Help You Need to Demystify IT

Bhopi Dhall | Saurajit Kanungo | CG Infinity

Bhopi Dhall is the CEO of CG Infinity, an IT consulting firm where Saurajit Kanungo serves as President. Together, they have developed a method that brings meaningful growth to midsized businesses across the country. By reimagining the role of IT, the duo help leaders embrace an often neglected power center in organizations.

Their decades of experience and track record of success have established them as the go-to authorities for companies on the verge of exponential growth.

Demystifying IT: The Language of IT for the CEO

After decades of solving problems that miffed other leaders and leading transformative digitization projects, co-authors Bhopi Dhall and Saurajit Kanungo are putting their expertise to paper so that leaders of midsized businesses the world over can leverage their IT for maximum impact.

Focused on creating sustainable competitive advantages through the diagnosis, design, and deployment of the IT toolkit, Bhopi and Saurajit combine personal stories, first-hand use cases, and practical strategies to give today’s leaders a roadmap to doing IT better, sooner.

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Speaking programs for growing your business by transforming IT

Together the leaders of CG Infinity, Bhopi Dhall (CEO) and Saurajit Kanungo (President) are working to reveal the true potential and power of IT to audiences and boardrooms across the country.

With distinguished authority validated by decades of digital transformation success, Bhopi and Saurajit have the speaking programs and service offerings that leaders of midsized businesses need to turn IT into a profit-driving force that they can count on.